Hublot Big Bang Replica Watches in Pink

Once again, the watchmaker has pushed boundaries and come out with a distinguished replica watch – this time explicitly communicated as being for both gentlemen and ladies, wait, strike that, for any and all genders!

It was decided that a special hue of pink would be used to communicate the new status quo. This specific blend of beige, salmon, apricot and grapefruit is neither feminine or masculine – it represents a constant state of flux the world is in; an expression of a gentle, inclusive and confident approach to life.

Being the master of the Art of Fusion, Best Hublot Replica has no problem translating this concept into reality. What is delivered in the end is a 42 mm case made of lightweight aluminium. Its millennial pink hue is achieved through anodisation: a process which decorates and protects parts at the same time. The sense of inclusivity and openness is further amplified by the skeletonised dial which reveals partially the self-winding Unico chronograph movement with 72-hour power reserve.

The copy replica watch is delivered with the versatility of two straps which are interchangeable without a tool, thanks to Hublot’s patented One Click system. The first one is a rubber strap whose titanium deployant buckle is coated with a layer of aluminium in the same shade of millennial pink as the case. The second one is a mix of Velcro and knitted PES fabric and it is secured by a millennial pink aluminium buckle.